The Breadbasket Food Pantry exists to provide individuals with food and other items necessary for living,
and to share with them the unconditional love of God through the gospel of Jesus Christ.


  • What are the hours of operation?

    The Food Pantry is open the second Tuesday of each month from 4-5:00 pm. The Free Community Dinner is the fourth Tuesday of each month from 5-6 pm.

  • Who should I contact if I cannot make those hours?

    Please call (603) 447-6633 and someone will return your call to schedule an appointment.

  • Is there an income requirement?

    No. If you are in need of food, you are welcome.

  • What determines “need”?

    If your finances are limited and you must pay necessary bills, the Breadbasket Food Pantry is available so that you can use your limited finances for such other necessities.

  • How much does it cost me to use the Breadbasket Food Pantry?

    Nothing. The resources at the Breadbasket Food Pantry are free.

Pastor Henry Snyder of The River Church is pleased to welcome you to the Breadbasket Food Pantry